In our last blog, we talked about the challenge of low candidate flow, which you can read here.

It’s a challenge, so what is the answer? Create a system. 

The good news is when you have a candidate attraction and conversion system in place, you can capitalise on three big opportunities in the market right now. 

And the thing about this is if you act now, you will see some significant results quickly. So the three opportunities are as follows. 

The first one is what we call the MPC attraction machine. This is about getting a process in place so that you’re able to put a system in place so that you can attract good quality candidates; consistently. 

The second opportunity is creating a conversion machine with these guys so that you can work with them exclusively. 

They are solely ‘owned’/represented by you and then placed by you. And then, the third opportunity is utilising your access to MPCs to attract top golden clients; because you have what they want. 

When Katie worked in her previous organisation, they were ahead of the pack with their client and candidate attraction process; probably why they were so successful too. 

The key was they understood that both sets of customers, your candidates and your clients, are equally as important.  

Here is the thing; you don’t need a job or a client to make a placement.  

Why? Because you can make a placement from a candidate.  

I share that because when you start to understand the importance the value of your candidates, this is when your business can change.  

The classic matchmaking business model; you match candidates with clients. 

So without our candidates, we have nothing to offer our clients.  

Here is something to hammer it home. Imagine having an amazing restaurant with an incredible menu and set up and great ingredients, and yet without a chef, you can’t trade! 

And recruitment is the same.  

It’s about managing your business to ensure that you always have that stock of really good candidates and be able to match those to your clients’ requirements. 

What we did in my previous business was understanding the value of our candidate database.  


We gave our candidates the same experience that we would our clients.  

There was a candidate experience journey that we mapped and that we created in a flow process: 

  • Who is our ideal avatar? 
  • How do we engage with them?  
  • What’s that engagement like? 
  • What are the quality elements we need to use? 
  • How do we move them through the process?  
  • How do we nurture them?  
  • How do we develop them?  
  • How do we give them lots of love?  

It’s about serving your candidates as well as your clients.  

Our candidates were treated properly, with certain structures and standards that we would have about candidate management and the interview process that the candidate would have about the ongoing service level. 

Imagine the difference this made to our candidates; what might be possible if you implemented it too? 


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Nicky and Katy 


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