As billing managers and recruitment directors you play THE crucial role when it come to the success of your billing team

The tone, expectations and culture of the working environment is down to you. With so much invested in your recruitment consultants, it’s not always easy to stand back and be objective about their performance.

Whether you’re a new billing manager or a seasoned pro, sometimes you may need a quick reminder about how you can make small changes and improvements to your management style to foster a more productive work environment and team.

Here are my 4 staple billing manager tips to ensure you and your billing team, stay in the best of health.



“Your team does a lot of work – but they could do better. “ 

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1. Make it about them




Motivation? A much used and rarely understood word; yet one that can change an individual’s performance drastically, for the better.

Here is something important about motivation. DON’T make assumptions that you know what it is that motivates your consultants?

Assuming every guy in the team wants to get drunk on a Friday and talk about the game could be totally wrong. Similarly, the woman in your team won’t all be into; hand bags, shoes and selfies.

The truth? It is so easy to get this right.  Ask open questions and listen to the answers. Then remember the response and take action. You can read more about motivation here.


2. It’s all in the follow up


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As we always encourage our recruiters to follow up with potential clients and candidates, be sure to follow up with your team on discussions brought up in coaching, training, or client meetings. Ask them whether the information was useful, how they are able to apply it, what issues they are still encountering. When you follow up on key discussions, your consultants will be more likely to actively take action on your suggestions.

A key activity we run on our programmes at Centred excellence is to enable our students to be consistent accountability.

Create accountability in your recruiting team by ensuring that you follow up on instructions and advice that you have passed down to them. This will give you a better handle on the challenges they continue to face.



“Your team does a lot of work – but they could do better. “ 

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3. Goals goals and more goals




KPIs are one thing, and very important they are too; when it comes to recruiters delivering consistent results.

Remember though goals don’t have to be just about hitting numbers.

Tangible goals around habit and attitudinal improvements as well as knowledge and skills acquisition goals will produce well-rounded recruitment professionals; period.


4. Bang their drum




Be sure to demonstrate your appreciation for your team on a regular basis, even if it in the form of a word of thanks for putting in extra hours on the latest recruitment project.

It’s recognised in the personal development world that appreciation and gratitude works in untold ways. It somehow seems to attract more of what we appreciate.

On that note make appreciation part of your daily activities. General thank you’s to the team work wonders and remember to get specific too.

Letting people know exactly what you appreciate means they are more likely to replicate the behaviour. Which is a bonus all round.


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