The world started to change last year, and now it is changing the way we recruit, potentially across the globe. 

It’s time to up-level our skills and become true consultants. 

Now, the reason that this is challenging for people is that we’ve been taught to be good recruiters. We haven’t been taught how to do a high level of business consultancy, and to sell to a client need  the difference here is we are now starting to serve a more significant need or needs that our clients have. 

However, we haven’t been taught how to walk our clients through this process to help them uncover what they need; so, this is a whole new approach for us that requires us to develop an entirely new skill set. 

The good news is you have those skills; they are just dormant at the moment. 


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Now it’s about how do you apply them in the new world? How do I pick up what I know and how do I start to ask questions and uncover what my clients now need? 

I’ll admit it is a challenge. 

You will now be selling something potentially even more significant. 

As we teach our clients this, they are well outside their comfort zone. 

Now the good news is it’s like anything that you need to master, it can take 10,000 hours to learn something, but anything that you do, the first time you do it, you’re probably going to feel pretty uncomfortable. 

The second time, probably still a bit uncomfortable.  

Yet the good news is as you gain momentum and the more that you take action on something, you will start to master that skill, and you begin to get better and better. 

The task then is “how do I upskill myself right now to get good at finding out what the new problem is that my client has?”  

And then from that problem and pain point, you will be able to establish, or at least there is a way to develop what a new offer needs to be for that client, for that new landscape.  

This is going to be different because what people will have to do is: 

  • Evolve their business;  
  • Evolve the way they deliver their service offering; 
  • Evolve the way they package that offering; 
  • Evolve the way they position that offering.  

And all of these things are going to change as we move into a different landscape. 

Social distancing is going to stay with us for some time, as is working from home. 

The excellent news is recruitment businesses are in a brilliant position to start looking at how they’re going to evolve that offering, and how they are going to position themselves to offer something that is going to give their clients way more than that transactional recruitment service that we have delivered in the past. 

Moving forward, you’re going to have to be better than that because of the difference between in house recruiters and recruiters; that gap is narrowing, right?  


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Internal recruiters versus us? Now very similar. 

That is narrowing now because things are getting or creating more of a situation where they’re getting more and more similar to what we do.  

So, we’ve got to differentiate yourselves. We’ve got to go out there and offer something that’s different for your clients and something that is going to give your clients more.  

And I believe that can be done; every forward-thinking recruitment business can do that.  

Are you ready?  

Then we can help.  

The first step is to book a call where we will look at you, your market and how you can move forward. Book your request here. 


Warm regards,  

Nicky and Katy