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RE: Become A Great Billing Recruitment Manager Programme

Dear Recruitment Business Owners, Managers and Team Leaders,

Great! You're interested in finding out more. Because The 'Become a Great Recruitment Manager' programme is not a one size fits all and is not suitable to every business, the next step is to make 100% sure this programme is the right fit for you... I would like to invite you to apply for a Personal Business Consultation with me. During this 45 minute, one to one consultation, we will discuss your business to identify at least three separate ways you can significantly increase your business profits, help you create more time to spend on your business and empower your team to consistently hit their targets! We will also assess whether this programme is a right fit for you. Even if you discover that the Great Billing Manager Programme is not the right fit, by the time you're done, you will have an step-by-step plan and tips on how to make more profits and get your team making more placements quickly! I promise that this will be time well spent - you will get results. This consultation is worth £200 and because of this, places are limited and go quickly... So... if you are serious about growing your business by 50% - 250% click on the yellow button above or below to apply for your spot.

Nicky Coffin

Become a Great Billing Manager Programme Application 

Still unsure...Here's some more information and exactly who this programme is for.... Our Become a Great Billing Manager Programme is for Recruitment Directors, Managers and Team Leaders, who have had no formal management training who want to build world class billing teams that perform consistently. This programme combines face to face training workshops in London, our online e-learning platform and group coaching calls each month plus of course all the templates checklists and monitoring spreadsheets you will need. Because of the geography this programme is more suited to UK , European and Irish companies. This programme runs 3 times a year and spans over 6 months. We ask all delegates to commit to the process; show up and take action. The investment for this course is likely less than your average placement fee and, if you are based in the UK or Scotland, we may be able to help you access 50% funding towards this programme. This programme also comes with my unique 100% money back guarantee. If you follow the training I give you and take action and you don’t recoup your investment. I will give you a refund.

If you are ready then this is what you need to do now...

Make sure you have watched the testimonials and case studies we have and then I'd like you to apply to have a personal business strategy consultation with me. If you qualify for this consultation I’ll help you to:

  • Discover what is unconsciously blocking you from taking your business to the next level
  • Create a clear path that describes in detail the steps you need to take to reach the next level in your business
  • Find out if this programme is right for you.... 

If I think you aren’t ready or this isn’t the best option I will tell you. My experience over the last few years working closely with recruitment companies means I know who this is and isn’t for. Click the link below and fill out your application and press send. If you have been successful we will let you know within 48 hours and then we can book a time to have a call together. Let’s get going and I hope we can do this together. I look forward to meeting you soon...

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From Losing Money Every Month to making £20k+ Every Month

  • From generalist, team of 3 not billing, losing money each month
  • Now specialist, doing £20k+ /month (team of 2)
  • Great Work/Life Balance and Quality Time with Family

Ross Stretton

MD - Marketing/Digital Recruitment Specialist

From £120,000 /year To £120k /quarter

  • Business doing £120k / Year
  • Now doing £120k / Quarter
  • Now looking to hire more staff to handle the demand coming in from new clients
  • Will be doing £500k in no time at all

James Penfold


£1M Extra Sales (£300k GP) In First 90 days

  • Rolled out the system and made £1M extra Turnover (£300k GP) in the first 90 days
  • Is now repeating the same to achieve even more sales this quarter.

Jessica and Dan Marshall

Absolut Group

From Almost Bust £16k to £175k in 4 Months

  • Recruitment Business about to go bust with only £16k per month temps turnover -- Perm team billing zero
  • Now doing £175,000 / month every month
  • Now looking to hire more staff to handle the demand coming in from new clients.
  • £175k months are now normal & expected

Dawn Turbitt

MD - KSB Recruitment

From Contingent 14% Fees To 22% Fully Retained Work

  • Business stuck working contingent, 14% fees and underperforming team which killed cashflow…
  • To 22% fees ALL retained projects, high quality, high level roles
  • Set target of 12 retainers over next 12 months, smashed that target in first ¼! He's just reset the target!!

Nick Eva

MD - Recycling & Renewable Energy Recruitment Specialists

From 12% Fees, 3 Placements / Month to 12 -- 18 Placements / Month and 18% fees

  • From Team Of 3 Making 3 placements a month to 18 placements / month (same team 4 months later!)
  • Increased fees to 18%
  • Winning Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Emma Warren

MD Elite Staffing Solutions


Julia found herself stuck in a rut after a really bad year and felt at her lowest. Now she's totally changed the way they work, their attitude to business and much got more focus. They've had their best year ever and added an extra £100k with a team of 2.

Julia Fenwick

PR And Communications Recruitment

Matthew went from being in the dark about how his business was performing and not knowing how to deal with problem people in his team to a record year (an extra £150k), a happy and stable team, and processes that have given him total clarity and control on his business growth.

Matthew Welstead

Shipping and Logisitics Recruitment

Mandy was frustrated, overwhelmed, working crazy hours and 10% fees…. Now she's had a record year, more than doubled her turnover and profitability and knows exactly what and how to move her business forward.

Mandy Blackwell

Commercial Recruitment

Richard didn't have clarity on how to take the business forward and was working very long hours. Now the business is in really good shape, they've know exactly how to move the business forward and have increased average fee by 100%.

Richard Wylde

New Homes and Building Sector Recruitment

How Denise is using RockIT with her brand new business to know exactly where to focus, what to charge and how to scale…

Denise Baxter

HR Recruitment

How Heather went from hands on billing with a very small team doing £120k and no experience of running a business, to a team of 5 achieving £500k in last 6 months.

Heather Clark

Public Sector Senior Leadership Recruitment

Jonathan was the main biller and struggled to remove himself from recruiting. He wanted to step back to scale through his team. Now he's stopped billing, hired a manager to run the team and taken his first 2 week holiday without ANY phone calls or email interruptions!

Jonathan Hann

Engineering Recruitment

Nick was using the old 360 model and struggled to grow because it was hard to bring people in and for them to be successful. Now he's totally changed his team model, narrowed down sectors and niches and has a higher performing, focused team and business.

Nick Smith

Energy and Commodities Recruitment

I look forward to seeing you on the other side and personally guiding you increasing your business results by 50% - 250%! Thanks,

Nicky Coffin