As a Manager in recruitment, imagine what you would you do with an extra 4 hours a DAY?  Because we are committed to helping you get rapid results for yourself and your team, we wanted to share with you 4 Tips on How to find an extra 4 hours each day!

Most of you have very little time for yourself and chances are that you will have some recruitment consultants who are below target.  I bet you that you spend ALOT of your precious time trying to fix underachieving consultants because you think you fix them and turn them into super billers.

The truth is that you are focusing as much as 5 hours a day on the wrong people! 

Ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. Who specifically do I spend the most time with each day? 
    i.e. Checking up on, meeting with and answering questions from?  Is it your underachievers or your 20% (or less) top billing consultants?
  2. How much time each day and each week do you focus on your underachievers? 
    This figure seem insignificant but even if it’s only 1/2 hr a day that adds up to 2.5hrs a week, which is 10hrs per month – 15 days wasted a year….

I bet you will find that you spend at least 80% of your day working with underachieving consultants.   This is not smart use of your time.

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1. Champion Your Champions

Starts spending your time with your consultants that are motivated or are producing 80% of your results.

You will probably find that 20% or less of your recruitment consultants produce 80% or more of your profit.   These are your Champions – investing more of your time and focus into them – is a smart thing to do.   Also, read more….

2. Stop Spending Your Time…

with Consultants that are not motivated, not hitting their KPI targets consistently and who are not generally bothered about achieving their targets.

3. Be Clear…

with underachieving consultants that to get your attention, they need to demonstrate that they are committed – not just through words but through actions and results.  What gets measured, gets done – so put clear measures for them to achieve.  Only reward positive results and efforts with your time.  If you want to find more time to bill yourself AND manage your team effectively this point is a key one to follow.

4. Be Aware that…

Not to micro manage your top achievers because they would hate this!  What I’m talking about is time that you could be up-skilling them through training, taking them to networking events, spending one on one time with them outside work socialising, building buy-in and developing your relationship.

I know it sounds really simple and goes against our natural human psychology, but it’s used by the greatest managers and leaders and it WORKS!

I hope you found this article useful.

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