When Andrew decided to pursue recruitment on his own, he was equipped with the experience and knowledge that worked on the previous work he did. These worked well at the start, and he was closing deals left and right. However, it wasn’t long before his numbers started to dwindle, and he realized that he needed to change something.

Andrew started Aston Robinson in 2020, focusing on the French market, where he dealt with Dev Ops, SRE, and cyber security. He originally had a partner and some investors, but when he started doing things independently, he realized this was a whole new ballgame.

He noticed that the effort he was putting in just didn’t add up to the rewards he was getting. The market was also changing, and his old model wasn’t the right fit. It eventually became tougher to keep up, and he started feeling lonely.

When he found the Rockit program, he didn’t just find solutions to the problems he was facing. He also found a community that supported him. Finally, he was talking to people he could bounce ideas with. It was also a relief knowing that there were other people who were feeling exactly the same things.

Tune in to this episode to discover how Andrew saved at least two hours per day when he started changing how he did business. Because of these solutions, he also went from closing just one client monthly to one client weekly.

“If you want stability, you need predictability.” – Andrew Robinson

In this episode, Andrew talks about:

  • The biggest challenges he faced when he started working on his own
  • The importance of having a community to bounce ideas with
  • The impact of delegating the right tasks to a virtual assistant
  • The results he saw when he started automating some of his systems
  • How he created a business development machine that quadrupled his numbers
  • How a growth mindset impacted his role as a business owner
  • And so much more!


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