Jan is a recruitment specialist who works with start-up businesses through his company called Start to Finish. He started out as a headhunter in the banking and finance industry, working for an agency. Everyone did everything for the role – so when he eventually started his own recruitment business, he adopted the same mindset and thought he had to do everything himself.

Starting his own recruitment business made sense, knowing that he has always loved the idea of starting businesses. In fact, that’s the reason why he decided to focus on start-ups; he enjoyed working with them so much. However, he found himself hating some parts of the job. His business was growing, but he wasn’t having fun. He had so much work to do that he was always working and had little time left for family and other personal stuff.

That’s when he realized he needed to make a change. He discovered Rockit, and in just 3 months, he shifted from being a solo entrepreneur to a 6-man team well on his way to turning his 30k-a-month business into a 150k agency by the end of this year.

Jan’s realizations were mindblowing. He loved the sales and marketing part of the job but struggled with all other aspects of recruitment. The problem is, he always had an issue hiring other people because of trust issues; he felt like others won’t be able to do it as well as he does, a mindset left over from his old job.

But he went all in with the program and learned that there are other people who enjoyed the parts of recruitment that he hated doing – and they were very good at it, too! Now, he’s doing less hours of work but getting better results, closing 7 to 9 retainers a week and actually having the confidence to turn down clients that just didn’t match what their ideal clients looked like.

Tune in to this episode to discover how Jan learned how to give value to his own business and brought the immense growth that he had always dreamed of.

In this episode, Jan talks about:

  • His journey on how he got started in the recruitment business as a headhunter in banking and finance
  • How he loved the sales and marketing part of the job but struggled with all other aspects of recruitment
  • The turning point that prompted him to start looking for something that could help him grow his business further
  • Struggling with trusting other people to handle tasks for him, making it difficult to hire his own team
  • The value of stepping away from 360 roles and hiring specialists
  • The new systems that he put in place that really made the biggest impact in growing his business
  • How working less has helped him get more sales and get closer to his 150k goal
  • The systems he adopted from Rockit that turned his business around and really brought in the numbers
  • KPIs that he started to monitor to track specific issues that allowed him to come up with more practical strategies
  • And so much more!


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