When Jane started Wildcat Careers a year and a half ago, she was a generalist who was so busy doing so many things. But despite all the work she put in, her business wasn’t going anywhere. She knows that she’s a good recruiter, but business-wise, there just wasn’t any direction.

Jane knew that she had to take action. So she joined Rockit’s 5-day challenge, and it became the catalyst that changed the course of her business.

Because of the program, Jane started taking huge leaps in her business. Originally, she set herself at par with everyone she knew in the field, with a 15% fee. She realized that she was putting a ceiling not just on how much she was worth, but how much her expertise was worth. So she took courage, started charging more than everyone else, and focused on looking for better-paying roles.

Now a specialist in IT support and cybersecurity, Jane’s earnings have quadrupled — all because she decided to take action.

It was quite a journey for Jane, with other impactful changes around changing her mindset about money, starting to outsource tasks, and finding a niche to concentrate on. Jane is also looking forward to more growth, especially now that she’s finally discovered the right path to growth.

Tune in to this episode to discover how simple but impactful changes helped Jane quadruple her earnings and find a better direction.


“It’s understanding how much you’re worth and how much your expertise is worth.” – Jane Matthews

In this episode, Jane talks about:

  • The struggles of being a generalist while trying to grow her business
  • How she raised her rates and started closing more deals
  • How her mindset impacted the amount of success she’s had in her career
  • The importance of outsourcing some tasks to free up time for more important money-making tasks
  • The importance of choosing a niche and the huge results that come from it
  • How doing LinkedIn messaging the right way has opened up new opportunities
  • The huge difference of having a morning routine in terms of productivity
  • And so much more!


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