Mark Hulton and Will Davies formed HBD partners with their strong experience in the hospitality business as their foundation. They know the blood, sweat, and tears that come with the hospitality industry, so they always dreamed of eventually scaling their business once they get the right revenues to add more people to their team.

But the pandemic hit, and their industry was one of the most badly affected.

Despite the hospitality industry shutting its doors, Mark and Will knew that they could bounce back from it. So when the pandemic ended, they immediately worked on looking for ways to hack their growth. They had no idea how to go about it, where to get started, and whether the risks were worth it. But they had to make it happen, so they signed up for the Rockit program.

What a game-changer! They realized that they needed to implement a lot of changes to make growth happen. Their mindset and confidence started to shift, and they found themselves getting projects that they used to be afraid of taking. From working mostly in commercial roles, they have now included finance, revenue, and IT as part of their hospitality recruitment portfolio.

In just 12 months, they doubled their year-on-year revenue while also doubling their headcount. They realized that waiting for more revenue before hiring an office manager was not helpful at all. They did the exact opposite and hired an office manager anyway, and that’s what allowed them to rake in the revenue they want.

Once they had the right people in place, Mark and Will had time to focus on the tasks that truly mattered to them. They were also able to add more structure in their business, accelerating the progress of everyone involved.

Tune in to this episode to find out what kind of action Mark and Will took to scale their business and get the results they wanted in just 12 months.

In this episode, Mark and Will talk about:

  • How their foray into hospitality recruitment came from their mutual experience in the industry
  • Their goal of scaling the business fresh from the pandemic, but are clueless about how to get started
  • The challenges of bouncing back from the pandemic, knowing that their industry was badly hit
  • How powerful mindset and confidence can be powerful tools in growth
  • The biggest beliefs that they had to change to make a huge difference in their business growth
  • The catalyst that pushed them to move out of their comfort zone and take the necessary steps to change and grow their business
  • What kind of impact a supportive community can have on business growth
  • The importance of knowing where and how to spend your time as a business owner
  • The benefit of having a performance structure so no resource is wasted and clients get the solutions they need in a timely manner
  • And so much more!


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