Paul and Ross have been in the recruitment business for 6 years. Their business, Movement8, specializes in tech recruitment with a focus on start-ups and scale-ups. Growth wasn’t a problem for them even as COVID hit. But the pandemic brought about new challenges that left Paul and Ross wondering what they could change.

Their budget became a problem. Despite their continued growth, the rising costs during and after the pandemic made their budget a problem. They knew they had to raise their rates, but how can they do that?

They also struggled with their people. The employees they knew pre-COVID came back to the office more entitled, more demanding, but not as productive as before. Everybody changed, and it was definitely not good for the business.

By then, Paul and Ross were getting frustrated. They were wondering, “We’re better than this. So why can’t we do it? What’s it gonna take?”

That’s when they discovered the Rockit program. They realized that they needed to improve the quality of their people and their processes. They also realized that they were being reactive to situations. They started the business with just the two of them. But as the business grew, they didn’t change their approach at all. Even as they added people to the team, they were still wearing too many hats.

Rockit gave them the time they always needed to plan and strategize more effectively. All it took was committing to the program and trusting the process, even when they were itching to just do their jobs instead of going through the modules.

That’s when change happened. They improved their effectivity and efficiency, ultimately boosting their productivity. They also started sticking to clients that are responsive, realistic, and reasonable, allowing them to charge higher fees.

And most importantly, they made the workplace a fun place to work. They equipped their team members with everything they needed to succeed. They realized that the 360 approach didn’t really make sense for them, especially if they want to maximize the skills that each person in the team had.

Tune in to this episode to discover how stepping away from 360 recruitment allowed Paul and Ross grow their business the way they’ve always envisioned it to be.

“No one’s really a 360 recruiter. They say they are, but you’re only a 360 recruiter for the first two years of your recruitment life because then you’re just farming your clients and expanding them, which is not really business development.” – Paul Winchester

In this episode, Paul and Ross talk about:

  • How they got started in the tech recruitment space and the initial challenges they faced
  • The impact that the pandemic had on their budget and their people
  • Their realization that they needed to change their approach to people and processes
  • How the Rockit program gave them back their time and raised their revenue once they committed to the program
  • How veering away from the 360 recruitment process gave them the growth they needed
  • The changes they made in the way they do things that made the biggest impact
  • The value in choosing the right clients
  • How they split their team into three systems to improve productivity and efficiency
  • How they changed the way they look for their own team members
  • Why it’s important to be ready to constantly evolve and innovate as the business grows
  • And so much more!


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