Tamlyn was running her recruitment business in South Africa when she realised she wan’t in a great space.

As a mum of three, she was having a hard time juggling work and family time that she constantly felt there weren’t enough hours in a day. She was also very hands on in her business, spending even the holidays working.

She started wondering if she was making the right decisions, and even considered changing industries. But when she was diagnosed with cancer, she realised she had no other choice than to make this work.

She decided to jump in and make a few changes so that she can grow her business while taking care of her family and dealing with her health.

That’s when Tamlyn discovered the ROCKIT program. She realised that there were so many ways to work strategically so that her business could still run and grow without her constantly being present in the office. With the ROCKIT program,

Tamlyn learned multiple approaches to running the business. She began putting the right people in the right roles, empowering her team members to work smarter and not harder. Their billings were doubled and her staff became happy, motivated, and highly engaged — all while Tamlyn was attending chemo sessions and playing with her kids.

Finally, Tamlyn was able to actually enjoy a holiday for the first time while seeing that the team working in the office were bringing in the numbers they needed.

Tune in to this episode to discover how Tamlyn veered away from the traditional recruitment model she clung onto for a long time, and the changes she made that allowed her to find growth not just in her business, but also in her family life and health.

“We get so caught up working the same model that sometimes we can’t see beyond that model.”
– Tamlyn Redmond

Managing Director of Recruitment Matters, Tamlyn Redmond, standing next to text that says: We get so caught up working the same model that sometimes we can't see beyond that model.



In this episode, Tamlyn talks about:

  • The struggle of balancing her recruitment business, her family, and her health
  • The steps she took to continue growing her business while also dealing with cancer
  • The multiple approaches that she applied to her recruitment model to grow her business exponentially
  • How she dealt with high staff turnover and started setting up her team for success
  • How she transitioned from being a generalist recruiter to finding a niche that brought them the growth they were looking for
  • How changing their fees allowed her to double their billings
  • Finding your super strength to systemise the business for efficiency and growth
  • How her team solved the problem with inconsistent billing
  • And so much more!


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