Rowena owns Coconut Lime, a recruitment firm that specializes in telecoms and technology. Although she had a strong background in telecom sales, she had no recruitment background.

When COVID hit, Rowena knew that she needed a job that could help bring in more money into their household. She wanted to take some of the load off her husband, knowing that they had kids to raise and expenses to take care of. She saw the potential in recruitment, so she jumped in and hoped for the best.

She started out struggling. She was okay with just 2 to 3 placements a month, but knew that she needed to change something to grow the business. She also knew that she lacked consistency and was generally unsure of how everything should be done.

That’s when the Rockit program came in. She realized that she had to change her mindset if she wanted to succeed in this business. She was functioning on a scarcity mindset, with the belief that there weren’t enough jobs. There weren’t enough candidates. There weren’t enough clients. Once the program helped her transform her mental well-being, the impact came almost immediately. She was feeling positive about the business and started working with an abundance mindset.

From there, she started to shift to a less-is-more mentality. She learned how to choose which candidates and clients she should be working with instead of running after every prospect that came her way. Now, she’s doing less work but is earning 3 times more just a few months into the program!

Today, Rowena is thriving not just in her business, but with life in general. She has more time with her family and is now able to pay for vacations and other extras that she used to think she could never afford.

Tune in to this episode to discover how an abundance mindset and a less-is-more mentality helped Rowena transform her business and her entire life.

“I’ve got more of a choice now of what I do with my time.” – Rowena Young

In this episode, Rowena talks about:

  • Her background in telecomms and how it led her to the recruitment field
  • How Rockit helped change her mindset, leading to the pivotal changes that she needed to grow the business
  • Shifting from having a scarcity mindset to having an abundance mindset
  • How knowing how to curate her clients and candidates more paved the way to more income despite having less clients and doing less work
  • How the Rockit program has helped her improve not just her business, but her overall quality of life – from the way she related with her kids to the way she looks at the world
  • The impact of having a supportive community around you as you grow your business
  • And so much more!


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