When Nancy’s business partner decided to leave the business, she felt alone. They’ve been running their recruitment business together for some time, and she was unsure how to run the business on her own.

“How do I get back out there? How do I make this happen on my own?”

Nancy had a million questions in her head and was quickly doubting whether she could do it. So she started talking to different companies to see if anyone could help her out. That’s when she discovered the Rockit program.

Suddenly, she realized she wasn’t alone in her journey and that so many others were going through the same struggles. In particular, she was struggling with lead generation and bandwidth. Now, she had professional and emotional support that gave her the confidence to grow her business.

Looking at her past triumphs, she realized that she did well in the IT sector. So she decided to focus on that – and wow, did it change the way her business grew.

Now, she’s added more staff and chose to put her time and energy into the parts of the business that she did best. From being the hesitant and doubtful business owner who thought her business was too small to close big deals, she is now talking to clients with half a million-dollar deals. She has gained more visibility and has discovered her real value.

Tune in to this episode to discover how to gain the courage to grab the right opportunities and make the right changes to grow your recruitment business.


In this episode, Nancy talks about:

  • How losing her business partner left her feeling lost and unsure how to continue
  • How she overcame her struggles with lead generation
  • The processes she overhauled to deal with bandwidth issues
  • How she decided on a niche that brought her the most success
  • The power of outsourcing tasks to experts to cover more ground and bring in more business
  • The importance of having a supportive community while growing your business
  • The impact your mindset has on how you present yourself to potential clients
  • Why saying “NO” to some potential clients can be a good thing
  • And so much more!


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