Just like everybody else, people in the recruitment industry celebrate the new year in anticipation of new opportunities that they might not have experienced the previous year. But there’s one other thing that stays in the mind of recruiters this time of the year — where to get consistent cash flow so that they can seamlessly run their business and make all their plans happen.

In this episode, Katy and Jane talk about their own experiences in getting recurring revenue and share a framework that has allowed them to thrive in the recruitment business year in, year out. Their own experiences have made them realize how critical it is to work with existing clients, knowing that they are 60-70% more likely to buy from you than a new client.

They also talk about how critical regular service reviews are, and share a few do’s and don’ts in the process of strengthening client relationships either through face-to-face meetings or through video calls.

“We want to move our recruitment from being that transactional service to giving a much deeper level of service where we can really get the client to experience the magic that you perform for them.” – Katy Green

In this episode, Katy and Jane talk about:

  • How getting consistent cashflow is a common challenge among recruiters
  • Reasons why harnessing existing client relationships is critical to success
  • A step-by-step framework for conducting effective service reviews that generates recurring revenue
  • Different applications of service reviews and sample scripts that actually work
  • The importance of reading between the lines in terms of what clients are truly comfortable with when you’re doing service reviews
  • The ‘Ultimate Service Call Structure’ for strengthening client relationships
  • Retreat objectives and why it is a critical part of your service review agenda
  • And so much more!


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