Jason had been running his recruitment business for a decade when he realized that he needed fresh ideas to make their growth more consistent. While Henderson Brown was enjoying a steady stream of clients across different industries, he realized that staff retention was a challenge, and their numbers kept fluctuating.

While he considered the possibility of adding a new person to their team, he realized he just needed new ideas and stimulate new thinking within their existing team. That’s when he came across the Rockit program.

Now that he heard fresh perspectives and learned new ways to do business, a renewed energy surged through Jason and his entire team, which positively impacted their business. From having the organization’s leaders bring in a majority of the revenue, they now have self-sufficient consultants who can bring in their own business, leaving Jason with more time to take care of his executive role.

Tune in to this episode to discover how Jason maintained consistent, organic growth in their business while promoting a culture of accountability, which added even more value to the services they gave to their clients.

“Of course, they’re your client, they’re your customer, and you want to work with them collaboratively. But that doesn’t mean you have to say yes to everything they want you to do.” – Jason Kilbride

In this episode, Jason talks about:

  • The challenges that made him decide to add something new to their work dynamic
  • How they dealt with their issues on staff retention and growth
  • How to use data in spotting issues and finding solutions
  • How they transitioned into the ultimate model and used it to complement 360 roles in their organization
  • The changes they made on specific roles and how those changes impacted the business
  • The attraction model and how it helped their team generate new business
  • How a culture of accountability and ownership has benefitted their business
  • And so much more!


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