Antonio Volante, CEO of the Volante Group, has been in recruitment for the past 24 years, with the last 11 years spent building his own recruitment business. He specializes in the public sector, mostly in mid to senior positions in finance and HR.

Considering the length of experience he has, Antonio had his own system. He had a single way of doing things — until he realized that his business wasn’t growing.

Antonio was used to doing everything in the business. He was too much of a perfectionist and thought that he was the best person to do the job. Of course, perfectionism can be considered a strength because you get to set the standards on how you want the business to run. The problem is it can also get in the way of growth.

When Antonio finally realized that he needed to change something to make his business grow, he signed up for the Rockit program and finally saw the growth he was waiting to happen.

He realized that doing everything all at once made him lose his focus. He grabbed every single business opportunity that came his way and had a long list of things to be done. He had no time to focus on actually growing the business. But when he decided to let go of his old thinking, he started to shift his focus.

With a new team in tow, he started to focus on defining a specific target market. Then, he let go of some of his tasks and passed them on to the capable hands of his team. That became a game-changer for him, helping him realize that all he needed to do was to trust other people.

Now, Antonio is finally seeing the growth he always wanted. He has doubled the turnover after tripling his team size and is now earning more than he could have imagined.

Tune in to this episode to discover how knowing where to put your focus can help you grow your team, grow your business, and grow your income.

“As new business people, we’re always thinking, it’s important to have more. More is more. But actually sometimes, less is more.” – Antonio Volante

In this episode, Antonio talks about:

  • How he got started in the recruitment space
  • The challenge of having to do everything yourself
  • The problem with not having a specific focus in terms of target market
  • How completing an activity inventory changed the way his business was run
  • How he shifted his focus when he realized that the majority of his business was coming from one sector
  • How hiring a resourcer and business development consultant made his business model more efficient
  • The importance of learning to let go, especially of certain beliefs and processes that you’ve gotten used to
  • The value of having a supportive community around you as you run your recruitment business
  • How the Rockit program helped him come up with more effective strategies in growing his business
  • And so much more!


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