Our beliefs can make magic or mayhem in our lives. By inspiring us into action or limiting what we ‘think’ is possible for us. 

Things that you believe which you think are real will limit you from achieving fantastic results. 

Fundamentally, beliefs govern your life.  

Think about it – people will die for things they believe in; this is how strong they are. 

Now, if youve got ethical, positive beliefs, we want to keep hold of these! 

Then the other limiting beliefs will need to be explored because they are preventing you from flourishing. 


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We Learn Our Beliefs Early 

All of our beliefs are learned at a very young age, including those about money and success. 

Imagine your brain when you are born is like a brand-new and blank computer, which then gets coded by other people, by experiences that happen to you and what we make them mean. 

Here is the scary thing – for the first seven years of your life, you’re a small sponge. You have a blank mind, and you then learn by watching and listening to others.  

At this point in our lives, we are susceptible to other peoples viewpoints and experiences, and consequently, what you take into your brain is coded as the truth; we believe it is our reality. 

The challenge is then that our values, beliefs, behaviours and emotions we take on as real, aren’t even ours. 

When I look back on my childhood, we didn’t have a lot of spare cash, and the mantra I continually heard was money doesn’t grow on trees Nicky, you have to work hard for what you get.” 

So, guess what baby Nicky grew up believing…. Yep. You have to work your fingers to the bone to be successful! 

And these beliefs quite often are so unconscious you either: 

  • dont even know you have them, 
  • or you dont necessarily even believe there is problem.   

They even come out in your day to day language.  

As an example, when you were talking about your goal, and youre saying: I need to try to do this. 

These are the words and phrases we use within our minds, often based on these hard coding patterns.  

So, beliefs like these will determine your results because if you feel that you can do something then guess what, you will be, and unfortunately, the alternative is true too. 

How This Works for Recruiters 

So why is this relevant in business? Well, for lots of different reasons.  

First of all, limiting beliefs can hold you back from making different choices in your life. So for example, one of the biggest things we hear in our RockIT program is “I cant increase my fees 

So we have amazing people charging 10, 12 even 15% fees and yet they give a fivestar service they should be charging 30% for. 

The conversation going around in their head is they believe they cant increase their fees because if they do, theyre worried that nobody will buy their services and then theyll go bust and they won’t survive. Which isn’t true; it is a limiting belief that is holding them back. 

This is a fascinating topic.


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How Our Beliefs Continually Block Us 

A few weeks ago, I was watching a TV programme about how our minds trick us and how certain people feel like they are intrinsically lucky, and some people don’t. 

The film crew then filmed a particular guy who said he felt he was always unlucky, never won anything. 

They planned to blow his belief away by putting money in front of him in the street. 

This was a £20 note. And because he was so focused on the fact that he was unlucky, his reticular activating system was going, “Im unlucky 

He didnt even notice the £20 that was right in front of him. 

And they ended up posting him a winning letter about the prize and they posted it into his house telling he had won a prize. 

He opened the notification, and he says Oh, this is junk mail, and chucked it away. He didnt even read it! The power of a belief system! 

Fascinating, isn’t itLet me share something else that also reveals another limiting block.  

It involves a homeless lady where the reporter gave her £500 – I came across it on YouTube. 

Now this lady at first refused the gift and then when she finally accepted itshe spent it on something else – rescuing a dog! It was as though she wasn’t worth it. 

She had a pattern of not being worthy. 

Does this sound familiar? 

Have you ever been challenged to accept help around the home? Do you think you should be super mum or super dad? Yet youve got this thing playing, like I should be the one doing the cleaning and looking after the kidspicking them up, dropping them off, being taxi, you know, I should be doing that! 

Why? When in lots of ways, someone could help, including your children, and this would be so much better for them. 

This unfortunately also keeps playing out for negative aspects of your life too. 

Start to fix this, and your life at every level will start to change. 


Warm Regards,  

Nicky and Katy 

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