Challenges come and go in life. I wonder how many of you like me experienced what happened in the last few recessions that hit the recruitment sector; 2001 and 2008 spring to mind. 

On both occasions, I survived and had some of my best years ever. 

How did I pivot and adapt, and what do you need to do in the current climate to come out of this? Not just thriving, actually building yourselves a strong business for the future? 

Because I think we will all agree that the world of recruitment’s going to be changing as we move forward and into the future. 

So, it’s about making sure that you’re fully equipped for that, and youre becoming the business leader that you want to be.  


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What Camp Are You Currently In? 

We have noticed that currently, recruiters fall into some specific camps. 

  • Rabbit in the headlights, stuck and doing nothing, waiting and planning for when it‘s over‘. 
  • Others are acting and seeing shoots of positivity and opportunities. 

However, to create the results that both Katie and I had, you need to have a different approach to make the most of the current situation and secure your future. 

Doing It Differently 

Many of you will have had jobs frozen entirely and have no idea where the next placement is coming from with cashflow being zero. This has resulted in staff furlough, and for many of you, the need to get back on the tools for the first time in years. 

Now suddenly, you are experiencing all the C%%^^ clients and the penny is dropping that your recruiting service needs to change because the companies doing well now have something else to offer. 

It boils down to the right offer, to the right people, marketed and sold well in the right time and in the right way. 


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The Challenge Ahead of You – Creating The Machine 

The thing is most business owners do not have the new lead generation business machine set up in such a way that it works like clockwork. 

So, a situation where all of your existing clients suddenly freeze. You do not have a process or a system in place to continue generating these new opportunities. You will struggle and continue to do so as the new recruitment market develops and shifts. 

And this is why so many people are screwed at the moment because, here is a fact  business is absolutely happening everywhere. 

Be clear on your intention. Are you focusing on the doom and gloom and how the economy is in turmoil or placing your attention on where the next best step is for you? 

This will mean honing skills, developing new approaches and creating an even more irresistible service. 

The question is, are you ready? 


Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 

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