I am going to talk through the two mistakes that we see at the minute that recruiters are making; we can understand why, and the facts are that neither is helpful. Let me explain. 

Here is number one; something new for a recruiter to say. 


I Can’t Sell During COVID 

So, the biggest mistake we see at the moment is people saying it is unethical to be selling at this time. We should not be contacting clients, or we cannot get hold of them.  

Or worse still, you know what, we’re going to hold back and wait until this moment passes!! 

What I will say to you is you’re missing out on a significant opportunity to leverage the current situation ethically and make a huge difference.  


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The whole way of recruiting could change  we just don’t know – so we have to adapt; and fast. 

So retreating and hiding is not going to serve you. You know, it would just mean that eventually, your business is no longer there because you’re at the mercy of something external to you.  

So our clients are using this current challenge to leverage it as an opportunity but in a totally different way.  

They’re asking questions like; 

  • How can I serve you?  
  • What can I give you that will actually add real value to you at the moment?  
  • What are the skills that I have that can make a difference to your situation?  

They might not just be recruitment skills, and they’re really getting underneath the skin of their clients to unearth what are the other options they could be offering and potentially monetise that are above and beyond recruitment.  

But the main thing is they are absolutely getting out there, and they are having those conversations. 


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Selling to The Wrong People 

The second thing is that people are selling at the moment to the wrong people. And mainly because they’re panicking and thinking, you know, all of my existing clients are not recruiting, so I need to win new business. 

So they’re reaching out to whoever they can get hold of; and I’m just going to say, hey, this is not a time to be selling to strangers in any economy.  

It’s a numbers game, and it’s, you know, not guaranteed to get results. But in an economy with lots of uncertainty, it makes much more sense to focus on people that know, like, and trust you. 

The good news is you can do this to a small audience too. Our clients are building audiences with people fast and then create connections and then create value with those connections.  

And the thing about it is it doesn’t need to be a massive audience. 

You can have an audience of 10 or 20 people that can still lead to one buying client that could lead to placements of say £5,10 or 20 k  whatever your average placement fee is. 

You do not need a massive audience, though you do need to speak to the right people. So what can you do to secure the future of your business? 

We will explore that one in our next post. 


Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 

P.S. If you want help creating your new approach through COVID we can help. It starts by booking a call with us here.