In our last post, we talked about the importance of reallocating focus which you can read here, and today we want to home in on rebuilding and scaling your systems to deliver what you want. 

And let me explain why this is key as we enter the last half of 2021. 

The latest industry report from KPMG and REC shares positive news, and I quote directly. 

“Improved market confidence amid a further reopening of the UK economy contributed to the sharpest increase in permanent placements in over 23-and-a-half years of data collection in May.  

Temp billings also rose rapidly, expanding at the quickest rate for more than six years.” 

If that does not cheer you up, nothing will unless you do not have the system in place to capitalise on this growth opportunity. 

As The Jobs Come in, Your Systems Need to Grow That Your Team Can Implement 

Last year it was likely that it might have been you alone or you and a couple of key team members doing everything to navigate through. You did amazingly well under crap conditions. You now need to share and scale your system with the other members of your team as the jobs are coming in. 

Remember to pat yourself on the back; you made it. Then, the question becomes what processes and systems do I need to share and who do I now need in my team? 

There are several key areas where you need to pass the baton, which brings me onto the perfect processes. To have a business that runs without you being there 24/7 that is successful, you need to have systems and procedures that other people can follow. 

Two activities need to be the foundation of your process. 

  • One is to have conversations consistently with avatar clients. 
  • And the second one is you need to have enough people to generate, to have these conversations.  

If you are not having the conversations, you need to be doing business development to make sure you do.  

Those are two of the most critical processes any recruitment or staffing business must have in place. 

Plus, to fill your pipeline, you need a high volume of activity; more calls will result in more sales conversions provided you have the right people in place. 

Here is the thing. The value where the money changes hands is on that sales call, so we must have the right people delivering and managing the sales call. 

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Nicky and Katy 

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