In our past few blogs, we have shared multiple strategies that you can use to continue to grow this year. Though COVID put a pause on many recruitment businesses last year, the market is moving forward again and fast. 

And there is one thing that made a huge difference to people last year: developing the mindset of a millionaire. 

When you run your business from the mindset of a millionaire, you will make different decisions that will deliver different results. 

Your Mind Is Stuck In The Past 

Here is the thing. All human beings struggle to control their mind. Us too! We were both talking yesterday about how for both of us, coming onto a live Facebook call gets our brains working overtime and often on the wrong things.

We have our list of tasks for the day, and then uncertainty kicks in as we start thinking, followed by procrastination. 

This is all because of the way our mind works. We’re wired to keep ourselves in this state of pausing, indecision and procrastination. 

It is natural for usour brain is designed in this way to keep us safe. 

So, when we get that feeling of stress, fear, or worry, a signal is sent to activate our stress response centre, and then all our brain wants to do is keep us safe.  

The challenge is this part of our brain is a primal centre and doesn’t recognise the difference between true life-threatening situations and firstworld stress, like that worrying thought about how can I get roles to work on consistently. 

It was the part of our brain that evolved to protect us from losing our life, being eaten by tigers or washed away in a flood. 

It creates a physical sensation in our body that stops us in our tracks as it pushes blood to our major muscle groups; it thinks we need the energy to run away, rather than to the thinking and planning part of our brain. 

So it starts closing down your body, which longer term, can be bad for us because that can create illness and disease.  

But right now, what this will be doing is keeping people stuck because we aren’t taking action. 

You’re frozen in this state of paralysis or procrastination where you cannot move because there’s no way for you to flee. So you freeze in the moment. But the thing is that just sabotage is any success because if I’m at my desk and I want to get an action done, but I’m stuck in this state of frozen fear, then I’m not going to act. 

And this reaction can show up in strange ways like procrastination and avoidance. 

Can you relate? Last year, I had the cleanest desk, house, car, neat garden, and even an empty ironing pile! 

There is some good news now we know how the brain is tricking us so that you can do something about it. 

Controlling The Mind 

We are taught so many useful skills in school though it is a huge pity that we arent trained to control our minds. 

Controlling our mind starts with processing and managing our thoughts and emotions. Getting a handle on the negative emotions that flood over us constantly is the first start. 

This is why so many people struggled last year because we were bombarded with negative press, and our thoughts were running riot with every daily briefing, the death toll and the general extreme news we were constantly watching. 

A simple strategy is to stop the negative thoughts in their track by recognising when they appear and handling them by resetting where you are and starting from focused calm and clarity rather than a place of fear and anxiety. 

If you learn how to use your mind differently and deal with these situations, then that’s when you will shift your reality.  

Because everything that we want, everything that you want, is outside of your comfort zone.  

If you want to grow your business this year, if you‘re going to be that person that’s in the right place at the right time, then you’ve got to be operating outside of that comfort zone every single day.  

Now more than ever, you need that mindset, the exact mindset that millionaires cultivate all the time. 

If you want a different set of results, we have to teach ourselves those things. So we’ve got to teach ourselves, how do we deactivate our stress and fear levels?  

There’s a way to do it by mastering our thoughts and making sure that what we’re focusing on is exactly what we want.  

So that intention, our new reality, that we want to create comes from our thoughts. 

Fundamentally our thoughts trigger our emotion, which triggers our state, which then starts our behaviour, ultimately giving us results. 

So if you want different results, it starts with changing your thoughts. 

Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 


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