In our past few blogs, we have talked about the process for managing any challenge with your recruitment business, be that COVID, BREXIT or any other unpredictable change in the market. 

So here is the thing. It was all about clients and getting roles a year ago, and now we have ‘the flip’ with many of you struggling to find the candidates to fill the roles you have generated! 

Maybe another opportunity has appeared for you? 

The Job Hose Is Full On 

The last months have been unpredictable. Pre-Christmas, many teams had downsized. Billers were on furlough, and life was not exactly sunshine, lollipop and roses! Then suddenly, February hit, and it was as if someone had flipped the polarity and the job hose pipe came back on; it was not a trickle either; it was a full-on torrent. 

Agencies were getting jobs coming into them. They do not even have to try to do a business development call; there are jobs just walking through the door.  

The thing is that these jobs coming in have been generated when we were fighting our uncertainty and fear. 

For 12 months, we have not had cash flow; our reserves have gone down. Our business has been affected. Our mindset has been affected, and we have had this dry period of no jobs. So, when somebody starts to say to you, hey, do you want a job? Of course, understandably, we are going to say yes, please. We want the role, and we think we can deliver. 

Why? Because we don’t know how many more roles we might get, so we are happy to take them because we need to make sure that we make up the deficit that we lost 12 months ago. 

Yet Your Candidate Machine is Broken 

But here’s the thing, what it means is that people are taking all kinds of jobs and maybe they’re working outside of their niche.  

We know that people are doing this right now because, rightly so, they have had a dry period. 


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The conversation going on in their head is, “I need to make up what I lost last year. You know, my reserves are down. My cash flow is down; my business isn’t in the same position it was. In 2019 I had a storming year, I had my best year then, and now, that has all disappeared. I’ve got to make it up!”.  

And so, we are taking these jobs without thinking, “are these the right roles and niche for me? 

So, we are taking on all these roles. We’re saying yes to things. But we have not now got the resources to deliver against those jobs because we haven’t got the team the infrastructure there, and we haven’t got a candidate delivery machine in place either. 

So, we’re saying yes to everything, but the uncanny part happens when we go to look for these candidates. 

I liken it to shopping. 

I want to go shopping, and I don’t take my car with me because I think I will not buy much. And then suddenly there are all these wonderful things in the shops I want to buy, and I can’t carry them all; so, I am stuck! 

This is the reality of what is happening; people are inundated with jobs, and now they’ve got a problem. You don’t have the candidates and the infrastructure to deliver well. And because you have spent so much time on your business development machine, you haven’t necessarily got your candidate machine up and working. 

The penny is probably dropping now about what roles you NOW take, which we will explore in another post. 

The problems are not a surprise; don’t worry, there is a way around this that we will share over the next few posts. 

Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 


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