At some point in time, many a great recruiter decides it’s time to branch out and start their own recruitment company. 

It might be money, lifestyle or a sense of purpose that was the push they needed. 

However, starting a recruitment company is one thing and being successful in the long term is something entirely different! 

Katy and I have worked with many successful owners and directors over the years, and there are several key traits they all exhibit which we want to share with you today. 


1They Understand The Recruiting Process 



This might fly in the face of what some business owners think and to run a successful recruitment operation, you must understand the recruiting process in depth. 

This generally comes through being a successful biller who understands the intricacies of the process and has demonstrated that they can recruit. 


2. The Have A Vision and Goal For Their Organisation 

How did the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and… James Caan become successful? They had a big picture vision for their organisation. 

Though it might surprise you and those bigger billers that want to start working from home and make ‘just a few placements’ never seem to consistently deliver for either themselves or their family. 

Why? Their vision and expectations are too small. Big results come to those with a big vision and goals. 


3. They Have A Why


As human beings we are all success driven; it is how we are wired. What truly drives that success is our ‘why’. In other words, why do we want what we want! Here are some examples to consider. 

  • To have a flexible lifestyle 
  • To have a full bank account, they can share
  • To prove something to themselves or others
  • To be in control 
  • To leave a legacy 
  • To have a bigger impact on the planet 
  • To look after their family 


4. They Focus On Their Mindset 

When it comes to success many of us have access to the same or similar content or strategies. However, some of us hit the goals we set, and some don’t. 

What makes the difference? 

It’s our mindset; our belief in ourselves and the internal dialogue we continually repeat in our heads. 

Mindset is about self-belief, and it’s also about keeping our mind on what we want and off what we don’t want. 


5. They Take Massive Action…. Fast 

We run several programmes here at Centredexcellence and what fascinates both of us is how different participants run with the strategies we given them. 

The massive action takers don’t ever think …… “Ah but this won’t work in my sector”.  

Instead, they jump in get their feet wet make mistakes and jump back in the ring and keep taking massive action until the results happen; which they do. 


6. They Understand The Cash Flow and Profit Equation 

‘Money makes money’ ask Warren Buffett. However, I think Warren would also say that having a handle on money is the difference between success and failure. 

It’s interesting for Katy and I to have conversations with a range of clients. The stars have money allocated for projects in their business, whether that is team training, marketing and their business building training. 

They have monthly accounts that they understand and use as their yardstick for success; do you? 

Successful organisations are about building profit. 


7. They Build High Performing Teams

When it comes to recruiting success if you want to scale to over seven figures and beyond you will need a team.  

To have a high performing billing team that delivers and doesn’t crash and burn you need to grasp how to recruit, develop and manage your team. 


What Next? 

Think you might be lacking in some of these attributes? It’s possible you are. The good news is that anyone can develop these traits with direction and guidance. Look at our success stories and then get in touch by sending an email here. 


Warm regards 

Nicky and Katy