When we first started out in recruitment, business was easy.  All you needed was a phone, a fax and a Filofax.  You got given a candidate, you would market them out, three clients would phone you back, you would set up interviews, then place the candidate.  Happy days.   You might have needed a Yellow Pages too but that was about it.  

However, these days you have the internet, you have social media, you have adverts, you have job boards, you have LinkedIn, you have to account manage, you have service, you have business development, you have to resource candidates, etc. etc. etc.  

There are so many different facets in the role of recruitment and we are expecting one person to be an expert at all of them.  It is just impossible.   But that’s what the 360 Model is asking for.  The impossible! 

There are so many different facets in the role of recruitment and we are expecting one person to be an expert at all of them and it is just impossible. 


The 360 model is like having a football team where you have your striker playing up front, scoring the goals, coming back midfield to defend and then sitting in the goal to make sure no goals are scored.   

Imagine if you were that striker.   You’re having to score goals then come back to defend and get back into goal!  How exhausting would that be? 

That’s what the 360 model asks of your team.    You are asking one person to do business development, to account manage, to resource candidates, to write adverts … and yet, each individual has a totally different skill sets in each of these areas.  


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The 360 Model Leaves You Open for Risk 

If you do not shift your business away from the 360 Model you will have chronic underperformance happening in your team.  The 360 Model results in … people working in the wrong roles, your team suffering burnout and people hating their job then leaving.   

It is almost impossible to hire people who can perform with the 360 model,  so you make life really difficult for yourself because you cannot find staff.  If somebody leaves all the knowledge and expertise they have gained from working in your business leaves with them. 


A New Recruitment Business Model for a New Era 

Our new ultimate recruitment model is designed to have your team working together, working to their strengths and working in flow. 

The new model takes the old 360  Model where one person would do every single part of the recruitment process and breaks the process down into three separate service functions, activities and targets:  

  • Development 
  • Delivery 
  • Resource or Research  

For a more indepth explanation of this new business model click here.  


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Benefits of Adopting This New Recruitment Business Model  

By implementing this new business model, your team will be more productive because they are working in their areas of strength.  Research shows that teams working the new model are three times more productive.    That means, a team of two, or a pod of three can be billing three times more than they would do if they were working the 360 Model on their own.  Teams operating with the new model have less team stress and burnout.  This results in better staff retention.    

As a team-based model, if one person is off sick or goes on holiday or leaves, you have two other people, or at least another person in the team who knows exactly what is happening in thbusiness. 

The new recruitment business model also results in you becoming experts in your niche.  You become the go-to people.  That makes it easier to hire people on your team,  because you are hiring for specific traits. 


Take Action – Say Goodbye to the 360 Model 

If you, like many recruitment professionals recognise the need to move away from the old, unproductive 360 model and are ready to embrace a new recruiting system that delivers results with less stress and inefficiency, then now is the time to act.   

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