The next power principle we want to share is around daily habits. Habits are powerful, and when you deliver on them daily, they can provide phenomenal results. 

Do the most important thing every day to completion, and your results will shift. 

So, what do I mean by that?  

So, let’s say for example, that you want to be on the phone with a focus on B.D., and you know that right now that is not making you feel particularly good about yourself, or you are worried about doing it. 

So, what happens is it is on your to-do list, and you know that it’s important, and you know, you have to do it, and then you get to your desk and suddenly avoidance kicks in. 

You suddenly decide sending a few emails might be better or making a cup of coffee before you make that call! 

The thing about this is that the scary things like this are the things that move our business forward, which is why we do not want to do them.  

I know; how weird is that? 

But when we prioritise those things, and we get ruthless about, okay, this morning, I’ve got my to-do list. I’m going to do the urgent and most important thing first. 

I use my phone to support myself. I set a timer, and I switch all my distractions off. I tend to work in either 30 or 60-minute blocks. 

And I am, and this is what I use. As I said to the guys, I’ve got my phone, and I put my time at home, and I might put that on for 30 minutes. I don’t do more than 60 minutes at any one time but let us say I put it on for 60 minutes, and I’ve got my timer. 

And then I get my head down and power through that activity. Now, if my timer goes off and I haven’t quite finished the task, I’ll get up. I’ll stand up, shake myself off. I might allow myself a cup of tea and then play with the dog for a minute. Then I’m straight back on it. Okay. Now I’m going to do another 60 minutes. I’m going to get this finished. 

I live by this process because I do find it difficult to get focused. I live by this because I can do four hours in the morning and complete so many tasks. 

If I weren’t doing that, oh my God, it would just be hideous! 

I am one of those people who could spend hours looking at a presentation, flicking through slides, and making sure that it looked all fancy.  

This strategy is one of the most powerful things ever. Do this for a week and see how much amazing ‘s^%$ hard work’ that you get through, but even if you get that one thing done every day, you’ll hit the end of the week, and you’ll go, wow. 

That has been the most productive week I have had in a month. So, I love it.  

The point about this strategy is you don’t need to do loads of things. Pick that one thing and get that one thing done.  

You could do anything for the rest of the day, and yet now you’ve still moved your business forward pathway.  

Something that will put your daily plan on steroids is working a plan. 

Daily habits need a companion, and that is a plan. 

If you want to get somewhere, if you’re going to achieve something in your business, the first thing you need to do is to have a money-making plan. 

This is your intention and your goal. A powerful technique to start here is using a compelling future process that begins with the end in mind. You can then work back to the milestones to hit and the activities you need to perform. 

Remember, we have always got to keep our eye on the prize because otherwise, we’re not going to end up there. That’s my destination. Then I can turn myself around and then say, right. So, to get there, what do I need to do? 

This, my friends, is your money-making plan.  


Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 


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