So, your money-making plans are being created; you have your destination, and you have your eye on the prize. 

So, what are the things that will get us there? Is it your metrics? 

We have to know our metrics, whether we like them or not, because that’s the GPS to get to your destination.  

So, without that, you’re going to go all around the houses, and you could go off in totally the wrong direction and end up somewhere that isn’t right or relevant for you. 

The next thing is, and this again is an absolute game-changer, focus on the activity – your inputs – not the result.  

So, what do I mean by that? Well, often, what will happen for us is we end up thinking about that result and where we want to get to, and we get so absorbed by the result that we don’t enjoy the ride, AND we end up not serving. 

Let me explain. 


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Focus on The Inputs, and The Outputs Will Come 

Normally when we get on a call, let’s say we’re with a client, is we’re so focused on getting the job, and yet it’s not about the shorter game; it’s the long game that involves serving. 

Serving your client is about adding value and being there in the moment. And when you focus on what the activity is, what am I here to do? And you then serve to your highest ability, and then the results come. 

Then you will only get a good result.  

Let’s think about your consultants. So, if you’re only focusing on getting a job today, this won’t create the results you want that the consistent input of activity will. 

 Right, the only thing you were interested in is have you got that job today. Did you do business development? Have you got that new job? Well, the new job is not what gets them there. The activity is what drives that result. 

So, if they need to make a certain number of calls or activities, whatever they might be right now, there are certain things that they need to be doing. 



“Your team does a lot of work – but they could do better. “ 

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Then actually, what you want to be focusing on and what you want to be celebrating their metrics and feedback on is what are they doing. 

What are the activities? And helping them make sure that they can achieve those activities because the end result will come from it.  

Now it’s time to put your plan in place and start focusing on the activity I need to do every day consistently, and there is no excuse not to do this. 

The plan is all about your daily activity, whether it’s activity to generate sales calls or having those sales calls. It would be looking at the numbers if you’re not hitting the targets at the moment is because you haven’t been doing enough of those two things.  


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