The next critical principle we want to share with you is to know what you want and stop settling! 

In other words, be ruthless about letting anything into your world that is not a fit with what you genuinely want.  

So, what do we mean by that?  

Let me share an example many of you will be able to relate to. Right now, you will have clients that might be willing to spend money with you by giving you their vacancies. 

Yet in your heart of hearts, you know, they are not the right client for you. And because you want the cash flow to keep coming in, you say yes to them.  

And the challenge is, you know, that those clients are not going to be the right ones for you. 

They truly do not give two hoots about you, they’re not going to work in the way that you want to work, but the problem is you feel like you have to say yes to them; the truth is when you are clear about what you now want there is no need to settle for less. 

When you know the right clients you want to work with, who your avatar clients are, who all those people you want to surround yourself with are, and the revenue figure you want to achieve, the magic starts to happen. 

You visualise what you want with clear focus and intention; when you get clarity around that, you will say no to anything that does not fit your criteria because the next client is always around the corner. 

If you say yes to those that do not fit into the focus of what you want, whether it is your clients, your team, or the people you are surrounding yourself with, then that will not support you moving forward. 

Only say yes to anything that fits what you want and be ruthless around this. 

Let me share an example that many of us have experienced at least once in our lives. 

Saying yes to a client or candidate you know is not the right fit is like going out with somebody you know you should not be with the longer you are with them! 

It means that you will not create space for the perfect partner to come into your world and vice versa.  

You also keep them trapped in a relationship that is not good for them either. 

By saying no and being ruthless, you create a vacuum that attracts the right clients and candidates you now want. 

A question for you? 

What have you been settling for in your business that you know is not right? 

Old clients’ processes and people; time for a clear out of what you have been settling for. 


Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 


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