This year the market has flipped, and jobs aren’t the issue. However, there is an issue with this… 

Although there are lots and lots of jobs, the problem is not all of those jobs are the right types of jobs, and what is happening is people are contacting candidates multiple times for positions that aren’t right for them. 

So, let’s say I’m a candidate. I’m on LinkedIn, and people are contacting me; the trouble is what you’re talking to me about is not necessarily what I want to hear about. And so, what this means is there is a problem that is linked to you.  

You are overselling the wrong role to the wrong candidate, which greatly harms your brand. 

And when it comes to candidates, this means your engagement and trust too. 

Suppose you’re approaching candidates with the wrong types of opportunities. In that case, that candidate will say, look, you’re not somebody that I want to engage with in amongst all of this noise because you haven’t got the right types of opportunities for me.  

So, what can happen is this activity repels the candidate and leaves a slur on you and your reputation. 

So, what can you do to avoid this scenario? Build your tribe of ideal candidates. 

You do this by positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your space, where people know they can come to you for things that will solve their biggest pain points and fears. 

This can work for clients too, by the way! 

The strategy I am sharing over the next couple of blogs will blow your mind, and yet few recruiters use it; AND when you do it, and you do it well, this can create the most amazing community of sought-after candidates. 


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The Devil is in The Data 

I’m excited to talk today about building a tribal community to get people to raise their hands, and you can nurture them along the way; one of the things about this lack of candidates issue is because we haven’t nurtured them.  

We haven’t developed relationships with them, let alone looked after them and added value. 

Think about how many thousands of candidates you will have on your database; when was the last time you properly communicated with them? You properly spent time talking to them, finding out what they needed from you, where you could add value to what they wanted, not just like once, but consistently. 

A question? 

Do you have a system where you consistently reach out and ‘touch’ your candidates?  

This is where you fall down; let me share some stats. 

Somebody comes into your world, and 40% of your people will not bother phoning somebody back or at least communicating with that candidate to say, sorry, you’ve not been successful.  

Twenty-five per cent of recruiters will make a second contact and stop.  

So, I mean by this that you found a candidate, you’ve reached out to them, and they haven’t come back to you. Only 25% of your people will make a second follow up contact. You know, but after that, they will forget about it.  

Only 12% of recruiters will make three contacts with a candidate!  


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I know you are busy, and there is a way around this I will share in our next blog, but stay with me on this as I want you to understand the opportunity you are missing. 

So, say, for example, you’ve got a job, and you start your outreach process. You post on job boards or LinkedIn. 

2% of candidates from that first outreach will say, yes, I’m interested. I want to interview for that job. So only 2% on that first contact. 3% will come back and say, yes, I’m interested after a second contact, 5% will come back and say, yes, when you contact them a third time, 10% of your candidates will come back. These stats blow my mind: And it’s true. 

I know this happens within our world; 80% of your candidates, the most placeable candidates, will raise their hand and say, yes, I’m interested between the fifth and the 12th touchpoints.  

So what this means is that most recruitment companies are missing 80% of the candidate pool that they could be getting because they haven’t got a process in place to do these five to 12 touchpoints.  

Imagine if you had a system in place to do this. How many more placements could you make? 

So next time, we are going to talk about creating your system. 


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Nicky and Katy 


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