You handled the client challenge last year, so now let’s nail this candidate issue. 

There are lots of considerations to handle here as you build your candidate attraction system, and we’re going to unpack these in detail over the next series of blogs. 

The biggest opportunity for you now is to get your candidate attraction and delivery system sorted once and for all.  

There are several machines that you need in place which we are going to share. 

And we’re going to talk about the machines that you need to have in place. 

This series will be important because some people listen to the series and then dismiss it; they maybe don’t take it on board, and we are cool with that. 

The sad thing is these are the recruiters that will be relying on spot business forever. It is a chaotic situation, feast and famine with clients and candidates and unscalable. 

Then there will be other people who read this series, and they will implement some of the things, and they will start to get some consistency. And there will be some people who listened to this series who literally would execute everything to the letter. 


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They take the opportunities, and they win. 

They take what we talk about and create a machine where you have got this consistent flow of top-quality candidates and jobs coming in. 

They are building their business. So, you can expect in this series to answer strategies for building this candidate flow machine. Like you have never known before, and I promise you, there will be things that Katie and I share that you will never have thought about. 

Your Candidates Have Changed: At Least For Now 



Fact: Lockdown has changed people. 

The number of people who have had reflection time and have changed so many different things because their values have shifted is huge; this includes your candidates. 

You know, their work-life balance, how they want their day to flow. Sometimes very different needs compared to what your client wants. 

Some things might be feasible in the new norm, and other requirements not so doable. 

I do not think life will ever get back to how it was pre-COVID. But I also believe there is an element where some normality will return.  

It will take a little bit to move forward, yet people’s expectations are different; for now, consider this as you create your systems. 


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Time To Build the Four Machines 

There are four critical machines you must build in your business if you want to scale and recapture your freedom simultaneously; this is in any industry, by the way. 

There are your client or customer attraction machines. You need new business coming in, and you need a machine that converts that business into buying your product or service.  

And then you need to deliver on what you have sold, and of course, make sure that you are paid and that you can maintain the business. 

So, you have got: 

  • your client attraction or your customer attraction machine,  
  • your conversion machine,  
  • your delivering machine, and then  
  • your economic system. 

Now, the thing about recruitment that is different from other businesses is slightly more complicated. Yet again, most recruiters haven’t realized this, but it is that you have two products. 

We have clients that we need to find, and we’ve also got candidates that we need to find.  

We need to have eight machines set up in our business.  

We need to have a client attraction machine generating leads who then give us jobs to fill. 

Then, we need a machine that converts those leads into jobs or retained or project-based exclusive roles. 

Then we need another machine that delivers on that which leads to the economic machine of our business. 

Candidates are then a whole other machine system that we need. 



So, a machine that finds the right candidate leads and converts those candidates into exclusive opportunities that we call MPCs or most placeable candidates.  

You then need another machine that looks after that candidate and their journey with you as you place them and get paid. 

Unfortunately, what happens is that most recruiters are working 360. They pull in the jobs, and then they’re a hundred per cent on the candidate side delivering them.  

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we get this peak and trough issue. 

You need to have two different teams: one client-side and one candidate side. 

Implement a system like this, and the success of your business will change overnight.  

We will dive into the detail of this next time. 


Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 


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