Being at cause?  

It sounds strange, doesn’t it; yet this is a universal law that can quite literally change your life. Let me give you some background on this from the world of N.L.P. 

So, there’s a universal law that ‘something’ causes every effect that happens in our world, from our successes to our failures. 


Are You a Creator or a Victim? 

So, there are two types of people that you can be. You can either be at cause where you understand that everything in your world, everything that’s happening for you right now, whether you want it, or whether you don’t want it, you have created.  

Therefore essentially, you are the creator of your world. 

Or you can be at effect, which is where you are a victim. Here you will use justifications, excuses, reasons why something has happened and why you’re in that situation.  

In other words, this is a different perspective on: 

  • why is this happening to me? 
  • Rather than why is this happening for me?  

So, when you add ‘effect’, you become the victim, and you lose your power. Because what you’re doing is looking externally for the reason why something is happening.  

Whereas when you live at cause, you realize that you have created that situation at some level.  

The cool thing about this is that if you’ve created that situation and don’t like it, you could uncreate it. And you can do that by choosing how you react to a problem because no one can make you think the way you think, and no one can change the way you think; only you can do that. 

So, you have total choice over the way you react to a situation. If something isn’t working for you, you choose a different way to respond, notice it and choose a different response. 

This is such a powerful law when we fully understand it because it means that you are the creator of your destiny and that you can experience everything that’s happening in your life, in your world, in the way that you want to experience.  


The Good News is You Can Change How You Respond 

You can see the gift in things, situations, and events, and you can change it.  

So, if it’s not what you want it to be, change it.  

The reality of the world today means that you are going to go into effect at points because we are all experiencing difficult things. 

And it’s quite easy to suddenly go into being at the effect of what is happening as you start asking questions like, what is this happening to me now? 

A natural reaction of our brain is, oh my God, I don’t want to be here! 

It was that client’s fault or Amanda, your consultant, who didn’t give you the right information. 

Whatever it might be, and the thing is that you become this victim the moment you’re there, you’re back in that ‘stuck state’.  

The downside is you won’t be able to move forward because you are wallowing in this victim state. 

Here is the thing, though; everything can change when you pick yourself up and move yourself to cause. 

Then you say, what can I do right now?  

So, here’s my situation. What can I learn from it? And what can I choose to think and do differently to move forward, to take myself to that place that I want to be? So, what thoughts do I want to choose here? And what reaction do I want to take charge of?  

And that makes a big, big difference for us in our world. 

Cause and effect are all about reframing what is happening in your life. 

Yesterday I talked to a good friend of mine who had been made redundant, and I explained the cause-effect universal law we are covering today. 

Like sometimes, when circumstances or disappointments bump you off track, it’s the beginning of an even bigger dream coming true. One that could not have come true on the path that you’re on. So it is about choosing how this is happening for me rather than to me, like what’s the gold in a situation.  

The reality is these tough situations are where we grow most. It’s where we get most of our strengths. It’s where we develop significantly, as human beings, where amazing things get created.  


Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy   


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