One of the biggest challenges recruitment business owners face is a team who consistently suffer from yoyo billings. 

Am I describing you and your recruitment team? 

Are you going from month to month with no idea of exactly where your next placement is going to come from? 

Some months seem to fly, and business is great, and then suddenly next month the bottom drops out, and you find yourself back in the painful place worrying about cash flow and where next month’s revenue is coming from? 

Fact: This is an incredibly expensive problem to have, and if it continues, it could leave you without a business or worse still, totally burnt out! 

Here is the thing: consistency is critical. 

So, in today’s post, we want to reveal four things you can do to help your team be consistently above target. 

Motivation Creates The Magic 

The first area of focus is motivation. 

It’s essential to bear in mind that not every one of your billing team will be motivated by money. We’re all individuals, and therefore we all have our very own specific motivators. 

In both of our experiences, money falls around three or four if you are ranking what is critical to be in place for your team to ‘feel’ motivated. 

Most people are interested in being part of something successful, where the money is then a by-product of that success. So, when you want to motivate the individuals in your team, you need to take the time to understand their individual goals, values and valid drivers. 

To find out what motivates people, you need to know what it is that’s important to them? So, ask them the question: “What’s important to you about your career or job?”. And listen to their answers.  

So then, when you are motivating your team, think about linking the target to them personally. It must be their goals that you’re motivating them towards, not the company’s because people are far more likely to buy into and be motivated by their own goals because it has meaning for them on a personal level. 

It might be that they want to get married and are saving up for a wedding or want to move out of home and get their first flat or want to spoil their significant other. 

….. and the good news is that by working where they are as part of a successful billing team, all of that is more than possible. 


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Develop a Coaching Culture 

The second thing about getting consistency in results is you have to develop a coaching culture in your organisation. 

Far too many managers tell their recruiters what they want them to do, and send them off to achieve their goals and then expect everything just to happen on its own! 

If you want your team to be topperforming recruiters, then you need to coach them and guide them through the process. Big goals need to be broken down into smaller goals, so there is a clear path leading the way to how your recruiters can achieve them. 

As experienced recruitment professionals we know there’s going to be obstacles and roadblocks they will come across, so you need to really help them work through those; they don’t know how to do it on their own. 

If they have an annual target, you need to break this down for them into monthly and weekly targets. Help your team zone in and identify a plan of what they need to be doing on a daily and weekly basis so that they can achieve what they want. 

Ongoing Training 

Every team that Nicky and I have ever managed have immersed themselves in ongoing training. 

Provide your team with training in the areas that they aren’t strong in and then watch them grow. 

No one is ever the finished article; we are all a work in progress, especially in today’s business landscape where every week some new technique, strategy or software appears! 

As an example, if someone is less confident in your team on the phone, then train them how to open a call, build rapport, ask tricky questions and overcome objections. 

Do roleplay exercises with them to help them gain more confidence in those areas. 

Delegation Builds A Top Performing Team 

Delegation is one of the most important ways to build a topperforming recruitment team. It involves trust and confidence in the other person’s ability to do a task.  

As a manager, it can also free up your time so you can focus on more important things. So, by giving them more responsibility for the tasks that are part of your job, not only helps to up-skill them as future leaders but helps to retain great people, as delegation can be a hugely motivating experience for your team. 



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So, these four things are instrumental in creating a topperforming team. Coach, motivate, train and delegate. Act on these and watch your team achieve more than you ever thought possible. 

So there you have it – if you have an issue with yo-yo billings and you want to get this fixed either because it’s killing your cash flow or you’re exhausted with worry about where next month’s revenue is coming from, then know it doesn’t have to be this way. 

It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s just that currently you don’t have the right skills in place to know how to get this fixed. 

This is something that Nicky and I can help you resolve and fast. We see this happening every day, so know you’re not alone.  

Yes, it might mean changing what you’re doing. It might be a bit scary because it means you have to step out of your comfort zone. But here’s the truth; we have to do things we haven’t done before to get the results we haven’t had before. 

If you want to realise YOUR business dream and get your team to step up and achieve more than they ever have, then we want to help you make that happen.  

We want to help you build a business of high performing consultants so you can step away and start working on the business rather than in it, giving you money, choice, freedom. All those things that you initially set up the company to get, because you deserve it. 

To book a call with us, click on this link here. And we can have a conversation. 

Warm regards, 

Katy and Nicky  

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