Last time, we discussed the many benefits of focusing on inputs as the first step to planning scaling. 

An important aspect of inputs is the follow-up level your consultant team delivers. 

From the last blog, you now appreciate that sales rarely happen on the first call. Today’s market can take anything up to thirty touchpoints to convert someone from cold to sold. 

Nurture will be critical this year. 

You will need to put man and women power into delivering touchpoints, making calls, sending emails, and developing a level of automation. 

It takes time to set up that funnel, and it is human nature that many recruiters don’t like spending their time on this, even though the data screams at us that this works. 

I think many people, if we’re really honest, make a second or third call and think, ‘oh, they aren’t interested’, and then give up. 

Which I can understand. I mean, no one likes rejection, and that’s how we take it, isn’t it? 

Human beings are funny! Our primitive brain kicks in, telling us things like: 

  • They’re not interested,  
  • and I don’t want to pressurize them.  
  • They haven’t come back to me,  
  • so they can’t be interested. 
  • I don’t want to upset them. 

None of which is based on fact. The candidates and clients we talk to are so busy, just like us; their heads and lives are full of noise, which results in distraction. 

So many things in their world.  


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How many times have you had somebody suddenly come back to you and say, oh, you know, I’m so sorry? 

I forgot to come back to you on that message because I actually had every intention of doing it. All my day-to-day stuff came in. And I’m so, so sorry. Thank you. Thank you for actually persisting and for not stopping.  

Here is the thing, if you don’t get any feedback from someone, if it’s a no, then it’s still a potential yes too. 

We’re not talking about harassing somebody with follow-up, but what we’re saying is that there’ll be a percentage of your candidates who are ready to move now, usually anywhere between 5 and 20%. 

This is the classic ‘buyers’ cycle’ that happens in all walks of life. 

Our work is with the 80% of the people you speak to who are not ready to move right now. 

They might be ready in five weeks, five months, or five years. These are the people we need to nurture, and you know what; when you do that consistently, you will be the first recruiter they contact when they are ready. 

And they will be saying to everyone they know, ‘those guys are the best people to place me. I have had an amazing experience with them over the last few #weeks #months #years’. 

Remember, this is about multiple touchpoints over time that builds your credibility and your tribe that we mentioned last time. 

It involves calls, emails, LinkedIn messages, value-add content, and the list goes on. 


Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 


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