Over the last COVID recovery series, we have talked about, what is in the waycomfort zones and planning. I have linked to the posts here for you too. 

Today I want to talk about something that is a classic hallmark of all high achievers, and that is acting before you are ready. 

In terms of really uplevelling and changing so that you get a different level of results is to act before you’re ready.  

This is a really big one – have you ever said anything like this? 

I’m going to wait until…….” 

….fill in your preferred option….. 

You are apparently waiting for the perfect time. And here is the thing: so many people give their power away because they are waiting for the perfect condition or time


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Any of these phrases sound familiar to you? Maybe you have heard someone else say them? 

  • They’re waiting until they have enough money in the bank;  
  • or they have got their new website live; 
  • or their social media is just perfect; 
  • or they are waiting until they have got enough clients before they hire staff;  
  • or they are waiting to pick up the phone to call somebody because they are waiting to be masterful at that sales conversation.  

Here is what is happening: yes, procrastination at one level and you are placing all of your power into non-action, and you need to embrace the fact that you’re never, ever, ever going to feel a hundred percent ready……. EVER. 


Growth, You and Your Business 

Here is something both Katy and I have learnt over the years; you don’t grow your business, your business grows you.  

Let me explain. 

So, some recruitment business owners will sayI’ll hire that person when I get this amount of money in my bank, and we say switch it around. 

And what happens is you will get that amount of money in your bank when you hire that person.  

Think about it.  

In our Facebook Groups, there are a lot of people who are working hard, and they’re probably at the moment doing a ton of things they shouldn’t be doing because they want to save money.   

You are coming from a place of fear because you’re worried that you are going to run out of money. So you’re trying to cut corners by not spending on outsourcing or bringing other people back into your team. 

Then what this means is you’re doing so many things that you shouldn’t be doing. 


Your Time Is The Most Valuable Asset In Your Organisation 

One of the most important things to be doing in your business is setting up systems for your team to follow. 

You might think that your ‘I’ll do it and save money’ mentality is working. But what’s happening is 80 or 90% of your time you’re spending on doing activities that you could be realistically paying somebody like 10, 15, 20 pounds an hour to do.  


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And then you could be focusing on much higher value activities. Katy and I sometimes push our clients to actually hire somebody because they’re like, “how am I going to afford it?” 

Fact: Your time is way more valuable, doing higher-value things than say resourcing for candidates, buying the coffee, cleaning the office with the help of power washing dublin, whatever it is that you’ve been doing for all this time. 

Embrace the fact that you’re never going to be a hundred percent ready and that there are things that you need to be outsourcing. 

Even if you don’t know how you’re going to pay for it, what happens is you then hire that person and then you have to level up and go allin to pay for it.  

This then forces you out of your comfort zone, and you start growing again, and your business moves up again. 

Of course, I’m not recommending you hire a load of people. You want to be strategic about it. But what I’m saying is don’t wait, don’t wait for the perfect time because it never happens. 


The 4 Hour Shove The Universe Gave Me 

This is something that we find certainly happening for us in this pandemic. For me, because I have got young children, there have been many, many weeks where I’ve only been able to work four hours a day.  

And it’s like, how do I fit everything in?  

But what has been happening with this takes us back to the first post in the series. What’s in the way is the way forward. 

Here is what has happened. 

  • It’s forced me to delegate and to outsource even more.  
  • It’s forced me to put much better systems in place. 
  • It’s forced me to hire better people to do other things for me.   

The truth is I couldn’t physically do what I had been doing in such a small amount of time each day.   

Now the thing about this is these strategies and changes we’re implementing, are the keys for each of us to reach our next level. 

The pandemic has upsides because if this hadn’t happened, I know I would have continued doing all the things someone else could. 

So this is what I’m talking about. What’s in the way is the way forward for you.  

So whatever that block is, that’s a nudge from the universe saying, “right, come on, step up, step into a different person.”  

Start treating an obstacle, with the attitude of how it is part of the solution rather than a problem.  

What is happening for you right now that you have that feeling of, “I need to act on this now?” 

Warm regards, 


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