In our last post on mindset, we shared how scaling starts with a shift in your mindset and how the way our conscious and subconscious mind work together will completely shift our results. If you haven’t read this post yet go here and read it now.

The Two Key Beliefs Affecting Recruitment Owners

There are two beliefs that are critical and are linked to your success.


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The first is a belief in your mind about how much money you can earn.  It shows up normally as a ceiling.

I have seen it again and again and again.  Even really successful people have a ceiling of what they are ‘worth’.

What happens is that if they go above that ceiling, they self-sabotage; it is like they cannot get beyond it.

I can’t tell you the number of people I have spoken to and met who have made millions, so on the face of it very successful, but they’ve spent it as soon as it’s landed in their bank account.

Why? Because at some level they do not feel they deserve it, so it goes out as quickly as it comes in.

If you think what I am talking about is rubbish, then I want you to think about this question.

If you were to look at your bank balance, how much have you earned consistently in the last three years?  You will see there is a ceiling on it, and unless you do something about your beliefs; it’s unlikely you will ever break through it.

So, why have you not managed to earn more?  If you want to break through the ceiling, you need to look at your beliefs around money.


Failure and Setback


The second belief is how you deal with failure and set-back.  This is a critical belief regarding truly successful people.

What both Katy and I find is that uber-successful people have commonly failed more than most.

The way they perceive the failure is different from the majority of people on planet earth!

The thing is most people are very risk-averse.

You will experience and hear people who talk about wanting to start new businesses or changes jobs or do something that is outside their comfort zone but is following their passion, but they never do it.  They never do it because they are afraid of failure.

The fear of failure is a terrible thing because it stops us doing all sorts of incredible things.  It often stops us from creating the life of our dreams.

The thing you need to remember as a recruitment business owner and an entrepreneur, we are going to fail and usually more than once!

Successful people embrace it and regard failure as something to learn from that they move on from as a stronger person.  How you deal with setbacks is pivotal to your success as a business leader.


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Resistance,The Universe  and Rockets


The other reason failures happen, is because whenever you set yourself a goal you have never achieved before, there is a play in the universe.

As soon as you make a play in the world, you are going to hit obstacles, and this is called hitting resistance.

Let me explain using a different example.

Imagine what happens as a rocket takes off. It burns an amazing amount of fuel during the first moments of flight as it overcomes inertia and the gravitational pull of the earth; it takes an incredible effort to blast off from the earth.

As the rocket then goes through the atmosphere to get  into space, it hits resistance.  It gets very hot, uncomfortable and shaky.

Remind you of anything? This is similar to when we are working on something we haven’t done before, in other words, making a play.

This resistance comes up in some strange ways in what is called your monkey mind.  So, here is an example you might sound familiar

Say you set a plan, with specific actions to generate between £500-£1million net profit.

Then weirdly all hell seems to break loose!

You suddenly lose a huge client or one of your top billers leaves with a buddy to set up on their own.

Your mind works overtime and starts whispering in your ear; ‘Surely it wasn’t meant to be this hard.  Maybe now is not the right time to be doing this.  If I were meant to be running my own business, I wouldn’t be having so many problems.’

Ever happened to you?

This is your monkey mind trying to keep you safe.

The purpose of the monkey mind is to keep you safe; it is to solve problems; it is there to expect danger; it is there to brace us for trouble.  On the surface, there is a positive intention. However, it also keeps us small.

So, if you want to smash through and achieve your goals, then you need to recode that unhelpful subconscious mindset and the help of somebody who is going to hold you on track so when you hit these barriers that person will help you get through the resistance because it is hard work.

What happens if you don’t deal with these beliefs?

First of all, you can want to be a millionaire recruitment business owner and work your absolute socks off. But if at an unconscious level, you feel you do not deserve it, or you are not good enough or earning a lot of money, this is not a good thing. You can work as hard as you want and nothing is going to change.

How about some good news?

The thing about this is when you do make the shifts everything changes because your business is a mirror of what is going on in your mind.

When you make the shifts internally, everything externally changes too without you even having to do anything, and it is just working on these things that we call limiting beliefs or negative emotions.

Bottom Line – to succeed in business, you have to change who you are.

You have to evolve constantly.  Beliefs are key in this because they govern your life.  They will either move you forward, or they will hold you back.

If you have beliefs holding you back, you want to work at re-patterning them.  Your goal is to reprogram your beliefs, so your conscious and unconscious mind work in tandem to move you toward what you want.


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