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Episode 12: The Game Plan to Thrive in This Market

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The current situation has put us into a spot where an immediate choice needs to be made; to remain immobile or to start taking actions. The former is the easier route but doesn’t bring favourable results. The latter is the best way to go if we want to thrive, and the process to do so is a little daunting at first. But if we know the mechanics and we are guided by the right intentions, this might just bring in the golden opportunity to uncover a mine of success that will linger long before the situation has cleared out.

In this episode, Nicky and Katy present fresh ideas on how we can all start taking actions to leverage the situation and turn it into a new way of generating not just money but stronger connections and added value to our clients. They’ll take a closer look at the different mistakes businesses are doing that are causing permanent damage to their future.

Nicky and Katy will also give examples of how real businesses are generating sales, opportunities, and how they manage to survive and even grow in the midst of uncertainties. Discover new ways of problem-solving, how to establish a deeper conversation with your clients, uncover root causes by asking the right questions, and knowing the next course of action to provide a solution.

This is a perfect opportunity for us to transform ourselves and come out a better person. The choices we make now determine the kind of life we live tomorrow. Let today be the day we decide and implement the necessary actions immediately.


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Build something that has value that will bring a difference to the lives of your clients. More than just making cash, more than just making money, it’s building a solution.
  • Hone the values and skills needed to weather through the situation. Take actions and move with the market. Tough markets don’t always last. Tough people do.
  • Offer something that goes beyond what you have always offered. Make clients your integral partners. Know what clients are facing by reaching out and having a conversation with them. Then, find out what to offer them that matches their needs.
  • Have a deep level of conversations and learn to move further by offering solutions. Ask essential questions out of the uncovered problems.
  • Numbers don’t lie. Establish an activity that requires commitment and consistent effort.
  • Tiny consistent things you do everyday all add up to make great big results. It doesn’t matter how small or big the actions taken are. Just don’t wait and idle away.
  • The more people you reach out to, understand that there will be a lot of No’s but every single NO will bring you closer to a YES.
  • Skills vs hard work, you get more results with hard work than people with skills but don’t put in the work.
  • There’s always the point where we pine excuses and think the solutions do not apply because my business is different, etc. Know that your business is not different because we’re all dealing with people. The process is always the same.

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